Lighting Engines

Project Brief

In this project, students were required design an object that produces a modulate light. However, each student had to market the product to a specific task. This lamp was designed to help enjoy making food in the kitchen. The product needed to be considered in both its on and off state. How the form can describe the lamp's utility and context must be considered as well. In turn, these aspects affect the character and mood of the lamp.

A wide range of ideas were explored through physical prototyping. Understanding how abstract forms can express concrete ideas is an important step to translating a visualization to tactile creation. Materials and light quality were also important components to the quality of light produced.


Light is important to understanding an environment. Artificial light illuminates space in our lives while existing almost unnoticed. Light mediates our sense of time and space, thus it places a major role in our lives. Lamps can provide people with beauty and enjoyment in combination with utility, and finding that balance is a challenge that has a large impact on how an environment is experienced.